Ever since I was a little girl I have had my face stuck behind a camera!  I was fascinated with my Mother's Polaroid and later upgraded to my Fathers 35mm.  My love affair with the 35mm led me to a black and white film class in college.  I spent hours and hours in the darkroom painting with light.  In 2007, I finally purchased my first DSLR and starting running with the big dogs, so to speak!  I was fortunate to have an amazing mentor hire me shooting weddings with his company in Baton Rouge.  I shot A LOT of weddings!  


My friends treat my camera as if its just another apendage on my body.  It is with me constantly.  I am always ready to capture everything from the most amazing breath taking moment to the simplest rotting tree.  It's important to me to create art from that light bouncing of a toddlers smile or the son seeing his parent come home from a long deployment overseas.  


We are never promised tomorrow.  I would love to be the professional you hire to freeze those moments forever for you and your family to treasure.